Blogger’s remorse?


Taking that first step is always the hardest part.

As I attempt to post my first blog ever, a series of questions begin to cloud my judgment, filling it with doubt.

Is anyone actually going to read this? Am I witty enough to keep anyone’s attention, let alone my own? Will people like me? Will I offend anyone? Its only in those first few words that I really begin to understand myself.

As a photography student, you go through similar questions about your value and worth with every photograph you take. The more you worry about what everyone else is thinking, the less authentic you become to yourself. As a result, your work suffers from it. Life is a series of mistakes and what most people don’t realize is; mistakes are more valuable than wins. You can’t improve unless you mess up. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 33 years of living it’s that you can’t please everyone. You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can buy into what you’re trying to “sell.”

What am I selling? My journey. I’m in my third semester at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC pursuing a degree in commercial photography. Graduating from this program would be my second degree; my first being a B.S. in Finance. Why Finance to Photography, you ask? Life; simply. I have always loved photography and I’ve had many friends graduate from the same program to pursue amazing careers. Oddly enough, I’ve never seriously thought about turning photography, a hobby (or so I thought), into an actual career- until now . It’s so easy to get caught up in climbing the proverbial ladder everyone’s trying to climb that you forget why you chose to climb that ladder in the first place. Here I am, after climbing back down so many ladders I put up, to start over on a new journey. I am both excited and totally scared of what my future holds but I have trust in my journey. With each passing day, I know I’m one step closer to a dream becoming a reality.

If you want to see my progress as a photography student or read about what amazing things I’m doing next, then please click follow and enjoy my fascinating journey of failing and learning!

Thanks for reading!


Photo credit: Sarah Sutton

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