Design Lab II- Possession

BlogWeek8_05I have never been a huge fan of scary movies; especially anything dealing with spirits or demons from another dimension. I grew up terrified of Freddy Krueger ,Chucky  & even those nasty gremlins but nothing terrified me more than hearing first hand ghost stories from my Aunts and Uncles who grew up in war-torn Cambodia.

So, what inspired me to create such a series?

I’m taking it back again to my Design Lab II class for Spring of 2016. We were allowed to come up with any concept for our final portfolio and I wanted to try something different. Maybe it’s one of those subconscious fears I wanted to overcome or the fact that creating such a horrific series gave me some control over this irrational fear of mine.

BlogWeek8_02My original idea was to photograph the 9 stages of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. (1. Limbo 2. Lust 3.Gluttony 4. Greed 5. Anger 6. Heresy 7. Violence 8. Fraud 9. Treachery). I wanted to capture what it would be like in each stage of hell and bring the viewer into each scenery. I wanted to create an art installation where the viewer would walk into the piece and view the photographs from inside a dark room fully equipped with eerie sounds and heat insulation.

What started as the 9 stages of Hell became something more of a series of photos I’d liked to call “Possession”. Goes to show; you never know where your ideas will lead you but you must always trust the process.




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