Design Lab II – Possession

BlogWeek8_05I have never been a huge fan of scary movies; especially anything dealing with spirits or demons from another dimension. I grew up terrified of Freddy Krueger ,Chucky  & even those nasty gremlins but nothing terrified me more than hearing first hand ghost stories from my Aunts and Uncles who grew up in war-torn Cambodia.

So, what inspired me to create such a series?

I’m taking it back again to my Design Lab II class for Spring of 2016. We were allowed to come up with any concept for our final portfolio and I wanted to try something different. Maybe it’s one of those subconscious fears I wanted to overcome or the fact that creating such a horrific series gave me some control over this irrational fear of mine.

BlogWeek8_02My original idea was to photograph the 9 stages of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. (1. Limbo 2. Lust 3.Gluttony 4. Greed 5. Anger 6. Heresy 7. Violence 8. Fraud 9. Treachery). I wanted to capture what it would be like in each stage of hell and bring the viewer into each scenery. I wanted to create an art installation where the viewer would walk into the piece and view the photographs from inside a dark room fully equipped with eerie sounds and heat insulation.

What started as the 9 stages of Hell became something more of a series of photos I’d liked to call “Possession”. Goes to show; you never know where your ideas will lead you but you must always trust the process.



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  1. Believe it not, I was once a young man and was in the Cub Scouts. Our Den Leader was a lady from England, Mrs. Simmons. That was 60 or so years ago so I am surprised I remember her name. One time my Dad came to pick me up after one of our meetings and the discussion between my Dad and her went to the war. My Dad was stationed in England so they had something in common. She described what it was like to hear buz bombs flying overhead in the night. Most of the air raids by the Germans were done in the night time. How horrible it must have been to hear the sound of the bombs and hopping that they would not land on them. A few years later, 6 0r 7 years, I had an afternoon paper route. A woman on my route would meet me everyday to get her paper to look to see if her son had been killed in the Viet Nam War. Many times that was the way parents found out about the fate of there children fighting over there. Stories of war from those close to you can leave a lasting effect. Nothing better than emotion to stir the creativity in all of us. By the way, the lady’s son on my paper route came home safely. I have more stories about a neighbor of mine who was a POW in WWII but that is for another time.

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