Black and White


Who doesn’t love photographs in black and white?

There’s something about these photographs that are timeless and instantaneously serious. As if you’ve captured a moment, frozen in time, and you can’t help but feel connected to the image in some nostalgic way. You’re immediately drawn back to an era of simpler but harder times.

I think one of the greatest gifts of photography is being able to look back into time as it was. I often joke that the kids growing up now,  the igeneration, will grow up with limitless technology that will capture every not so altruistic moment in their life. It would be the equivalent to seeing your grandpa in a silent film getting pantsed in public versus a current version of your grandmother’s “viral” video of a drunk make-up tutorial. Seriously, how funny would that be?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reach far back into your family’s tree and find hundreds of photos and videos of what your great great great grandfather/mother did? Even if they were embarrassing or private, all of those moments would be so real and speak of the time and generation. That’s the future we’re headed for and I plan on capturing a digital legacy of my life and hope to pass it on to future generations in my family. Hopefully, they can look back and truly feel what it was like to live in my time.



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  1. David, I relate to the sentiment of your blog post. I’d love to know more and be able to see more of my ancestors and how they lived and enjoyed life. The framing of your image is really strong and I like the rim light around your subject – it created a nice separation for your subject.


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