Seek the light, find a way.

Product Lighting

“Seek the light, find a way.”

For my product lighting class we had to choose an object and shoot it using only natural light and modifiers. Honestly, it sounds easy enough until you start shooting it. You start to notice the glares and reflections and you can’t help but over analyze each shot. I love how each assignment I’m given challenges me to think like a photographer and I am grateful for my instructors who help mold us to think outside of ourselves and to always search for the light.


5 thoughts on “Seek the light, find a way.

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  1. Really nice job David! i like the composition, lighting and depth of field in your product lighting images. I could see this as a ad for Kirkland Olive Oil, nice control over the available light in your set.


  2. You are right! Several of the assignments we have gotten have sounded easy, but they never are! We are challenged to push ourselves further with each new assignment we get. I love going back and looking at my photos even from just last semester and seeing how much I have grown.


  3. I love these photos! You handled natural light really well. I agree I thought this assignment would be the easiest one this semester but it took me a while to get it right.


  4. I absolutely love the colors in all of these and even though I also did the assignment I cannot believe how great this looks with just available light! Great job, David!


  5. In the beginning, I too thought it would not be that hard. The real challenges were light, object, and area. Having to make sure you had everything ready and right was difficult.


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